So here is my gay page.

Yes I'm very proud that being homosexual is part of who and what I am.

I enjoy sex, like any man and enjoy making contact with other men.

Like me, due to some major refit work (very necessary — not very sexy), this page is under construction. Please do check out the links to my gay community and when you have seen my picture gallery, get in touch with me via the e-mail link.

I currently have a partner, his name is
GRAEME and he is very special. He can and will
speak for himself, (Somewhere else on this site) so I will not gush here about him.
Suffice it to say that right now the Boyfriend slot is well and truly taken!
However, there are plenty of vacancies for Additional Lover, posts.
I like men and so I like to have more than one man in my life, when it comes to sex and fun.
I love to share my lust for life and passion for physical intimacy, with others.
I have never had anyone complain that I was not passionate, that's for sure.
It is true that I have quite a big sexual appetite and a generous ability to satisfy others, too.
I beleive that, sex is about two or more people comunicating with each other in an intimate way.
It should be a hot, considerate and pleasurable experience for everyone. Sex is one of the fun parts of life.

This is the page to get in touch with me about anything gay, gay-sexy and anything else that is specificully not hetero-sexual! That's not to straights are unwelcome, you are most welcome
(I get to see your world all day, everyday, not it's my turn to let you see mine).
But do please listen without prejudice. I am planning on having some treatise on being gay and the
gay community (Dizzy on his soap box) and a sexy story, or two, in the near future.
If you have any responses to what I have written, or have any suggestions as to links or better ways of laying out this section, please EMAIL ME.

If anyone has any tastful pictures they would like to see in my gay gallery, then please do in touch and we'll arrange to have them taken together (yeah I'm a flirt and I want you, if you're a sexy enough guy). Primarily I want to make friends, across the world and make this a small, affectionate and darn right horny, worldwide web. Please scroll down and read the articles and essays, you might you might find them interesting.


HERE IS THE FIRST OF MY GAY PAGE ESSAYS. Please do read on and let me know what you think of queer ramblings.

Below is some of the text for an article about gay relationships, that I wrote recently. In the following little treatise, I offer advice and some hope to the love lorn.I don't write this to gloat or boast - just to share my experiences.Relationships are good, aren't they? We have so many of them, with friends, lovers, colleagues and partners. They're always so diverse and mutuable. The intimate ones, of course should ideally be, supportive and nurturing.

Good relationships do happen - I suppose I'm taking this opportunity to honour my partner; he is one of the best blokes I know: You should all have one, if you haven't already. I don't write this to gloat or boast.

Well to start with I should introduce you to Graeme. He and I met each other in a famous gay bar in London, last March (2000) through a mutual friend. He's 36yrs old, a qualified chef and needless to say, I think he is pretty special. The rest you will have to find out from his gaydar profile.

Also, I should briefly explain my circumstances: I had an accident last year, between the time that Graeme and I met and the time we got together in November (having decided we liked each other enough to embark on a 'formal' relationship together). Anyway, this accident meant that I spent 5 weeks in hospital.

As it happens Graeme wasn't really close enough to me at the time to have visited, or even know about my little adventures. When he did find out it was clear that he wanted to know more, not out of mere sympathy but because we both had grown very fond of each other. So I let him in and I am not regretting it.

This of course is unusual for many gay relationships between men. I'll not bore you with my theories on why this maybe and just trust that you have had the same expereinces as I have in previous relationships with men. It hurts to know that some of the people that may be reading this have had a worse experience than this - some of you have lost loved partners and special friends, because of your medical circumstances. However, having read and heard some your stories with ostomy,I can safely say that those ex-partners lost out big time, on spending time with a special person. Rejection from a partner, someone who you have got to know and care about over a period of time, is very painful. I think there are people out there who are just not equipped or who are unwilling to handle the challenging circumstances that another person besides themselves, might have to handle.

In a way this should be encouraging because it shows us what strong, powerful people those of us that do have exceptional, challengeing circumstances have become. Through adversity, near death, lifestyle upheaval, or physical disability or reduced capacity, some gay men and women live their lives, well. For some reason, there are some that can't seem to handle their lives let alone enter into a union with others to mutually share and support.

I have recently discovered, however that there are still some good, giving blokes out there and boys I have found a good one! Graeme and I have both had very bad affairs with one or two of our respective ex-partners. We both have decided to learn from our mistakes and make something better. One thing we've chose to exploit our common interests and we talk a lot about the things that matter to us both, besides each other. At the moment I have rather allot to challenge me as I am in the process of healing, in all ways, the damage my accident caused. Graeme has gone out of his way to turn as many negatives into positives, and make me feel as safe and cared for, in his company as is possible considering my depleted state right now. I find it important to be with someone who has the same morals as me, which is why Graeme and I agreed to have an open relationship; we're both quite flirtatious and this kind of relationship works for us. The point is that I beleive that it is important to be honest with your partner and comfortable with the committtment you make to each other. It's not easy for us blokes to talk is it? Regular, honest, communication seems to be the key to any good relationship. If your circumstances are those that require a fair amount of emotional and physical support then this is a must.

Love and happiness to all that have read this and please let me know your own thoughts on blokes getting together and being continually good to and for each other, then get in touch!